Bagel Sandwiches or "Sangwiches", as we like to call them, are my husband and I's favorite breakfast.  When you have fresh bagels, this is the best! Plus, it's pretty easy to make. The "sausage" patties are very delicious and I have served this sandwich to people who hate vegetarian substitutes and they actually loved it. Enjoy! 

  • 1 whole egg with the yolk
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 bagel or two pieces of toast
  • 1 Morningstar Sausage Patty 
  • Salt and pepper to taste 
  • Pam cooking spray

When you make this breakfast, you have to do three things at once, so it may take some practice to get it right and have everything hot and ready at once.  

First, start toasting the bagel or bread.  Then, put the sausage patty in the microwave and begin cooking it (this comes out much better than cooking it on the stove).  Make sure the patty is hot and fresh and not sitting out too long waiting for the egg to cook or bagel to toast, it will harden and be a bit inedible.

Once the bagel and sausage patty are starting to toast/cook, begin cooking the eggs. I like to use one whole egg and one egg white so that the egg is bigger and you don't add more fat by adding a second yolk.  Cook the egg over-easy, making sure not to break the yolk. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on the egg. 

After the egg is cooked, the bagel is toasted, and the "sausage" patty is ready, put them all together and cut the sandwich in half.  Yum! 

*This little sandwich is also delicious with all egg whites and a wheat bagel or wheat toast.